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The DU Key Resource Centre and SBM Chief Coordinators in taking forward Swachchta awareness activities and for sustainability of Open Defecation, assumed the task of construction of Sanitary Toilets in two households at Rowmari Kachari Gaon. The said job was undertaken after survey conducted by the SBM team of DU at the village to calculate the number of houses having sanitary toilets. After the said survey, residences of one Bhaben Sonowal and Upen Sonowal were found to have no sanitary toilet and as such with material assistance from PHED department and guidance from SBM DU Nodal Officer, the endeavor for construction of sanitary toilet was initiated by DU KRC and SBM Chief Coordinators, Ujjaini Sharma and Meghalee Chetia, at the said aforesaid persons’ residences. From Jan’2(2019), both Bhaben and Upen Sonowal’s residences were surveyed and measurements were taken up and accordingly proposed project of toilet construction commenced. The toilets built are self constructed as both Bhaben and Upen Sonowal, have built their sanitary toilets with bamboo structures, with their own knowledge and skill.

SBM Team DU undertook the aforesaid activities for bringing changes in perspectives of sanitation and hygiene behavior among concerned people during specified field activities. The ensemble reports are being tagged along with photo images of field works for visual representation of the activities undertaken within the aforementioned period.

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